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how do you deal with crashes??

asked 2016-09-22 15:31:20 -0500

heavy-lifting gravatar image

updated 2016-11-08 04:39:16 -0500

soooooo no right answer to this I guess but how do you deal with crashes when playing live??

Crashing is a fact of life, so we gotta deal with it... (or maybe its not....?!?!? How do you avoid crashing?)

I would usually just turn down on my interface/mixer and reboot. Kinda awkward but usually works... Just doesn't feel that slick!

EDIT: OK I ignored this for a while... thanks for the comments so far. Bit more detail:

I'm still using Classic Dirt and my most common error is something like 'too many sounds' (can't remember exactly) which sends out this (kinda cool actually) grinding robot sound. It seems I can't send any messages from Tidal to Dirt and I have to reboot Dirt. Now I'm dealing with this by having something I can play through Ableton while I reboot Dirt so I don't get too much awkward silence.

Also Alex commented on Twitter 'collaboration covers up crashes' or something along those lines (hence me collaborating with Ableton to hide my crashes hah!)

But also I have had a serious crash which I think has something to do with my sound card & I had to reboot entirely.

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What causes crashes?

vivid-synth gravatar imagevivid-synth ( 2016-10-05 22:50:20 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-11-03 09:06:35 -0500

kindohm gravatar image

It depends on what the crash is. With "classic Dirt", it was easy to send too many samples to it and overload it, and it would not be able to keep up with what Tidal was sending it. It would stutter and send stuttered buffers to the sound card. In this scenario, a quick modification to the pattern and then re-starting Dirt was all that was needed. A quick crash, if you will.

With SuperDirt, I haven't seen a problem like this (yet).

I've had a couple more catastrophic crashes where the sound just stops. No idea what happened. I guess my approach is to spend a few seconds quickly troubleshooting. Change to a basic pattern d1 $ sound "bd sn". Restart Dirt/SuperDirt. If that still doesn't work, then a reboot is probably my next option; it's probably something with the sound card or something more difficult to diagnose that will probably be remedied on a reboot.

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