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tidal engine installation give me the 0.8.2

asked 2016-11-06 06:26:58 -0500

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updated 2016-12-16 02:41:32 -0500

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Hi there, first of all thanks for so much help in this days, during which I understand delta is not sent cause the tidal engine installer download and install the previous version of tidal the 0.8.2 by default .

Commands I tried

cabal update

cabal install tidal --force-reinstalls

MacBook-Pro-di-Gian:~ gianmariaallibrante$ cabal install tidal-0.9 
Resolving dependencies...
cabal: Could not resolve dependencies:
next goal: tidal (user goal)
rejecting: tidal-0.8.2/installed-Iry..., tidal-0.8.2, tidal-0.8.1, tidal-0.8,
tidal-0.7.1, tidal-0.7, tidal-0.6, tidal-0.5.3, tidal-0.5.2, tidal-0.5.1,
tidal-0.5, tidal-0.4.36, tidal-0.4.35, tidal-0.4.34, tidal-0.4.33,
tidal-0.4.32, tidal-0.4.31, tidal-0.4.30, tidal-, tidal-0.4.29,
tidal-0.4.28, tidal-0.4.27, tidal-0.4.26, tidal-0.4.24, tidal-0.4.23,
tidal-0.4.21, tidal-0.4.20, tidal-0.4.19, tidal-0.4.17, tidal-0.4.16,
tidal-0.4.15, tidal-0.4.14, tidal-0.4.13, tidal-0.4.12, tidal-0.4.11,
tidal-0.4.10, tidal-0.4.9, tidal-0.4.8, tidal-0.4.7, tidal-0.4.6, tidal-0.4.5,
tidal-0.4.4, tidal-0.4.3, tidal-0.4.2, tidal-0.4.1, tidal-0.4, tidal-0.3.9,
tidal-0.3.8, tidal-0.3.7, tidal-0.3.6, tidal-0.3.5, tidal-0.3.4, tidal-0.3.3,
tidal-0.3.2, tidal-0.3.1, tidal-0.3, tidal-0.2.13, tidal-0.2.11, tidal-0.2.10,
tidal-0.2.9, tidal-0.2.7, tidal-0.2.6, tidal-0.2.4, tidal-0.2.3,
tidal-, tidal-, tidal-, tidal-0.2.2, tidal-0.2.1,
tidal-0.2, tidal-, tidal-0.1 (constraint from user target requires
Dependency tree exhaustively searched.

Give me the same previous version, the funny thing is that the same issues occurred to a laptop of my friend too, so I started to thing must be a stupid error if we are the only to experiment this frustration. What you thing should I do? Thanks

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answered 2016-11-07 12:56:53 -0500

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As of now, tidal version 0.9 is not yet released, safe plan is to wait until it is released and then do a

cabal install tidal

as usual.

If you really, really need the newest, bleeding edge, development version of tidal (0.9-dev), you should be familiar with a shell and know about version control tools.

Disclaimer (Warning): Installing tidal from source can easily break your current (working) tidal setup. The following instructions install the latest development tidal into whatever cabal is configured to install to and depends on the user you run it from.

To install the development version of tidal from source: use version control (git) to download the tidal source code:

git clone --branch=0.9-dev

move inside the cloned source directory, and run:

cabal install

Whenever new changes appear on the 0.9-dev branch, you can safely merge them if you kept the source vanilla:

git pull --ff-only

If this fails (e.g. since you modified files within the source)[^1]:

  • stash your current work git stash -u -k
  • switch to a new branch git checkout -b my-custom-setup
  • apply your stashed work git stash pop
  • commit your changes
  • switch back to 0.9-dev git branch 0.9-dev
  • do the pull again git pull --ff-only
  • install latest version cabal install
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answered 2016-11-07 17:47:32 -0500

telephon gravatar image

updated 2016-11-07 17:47:54 -0500

The original problem is that seemingly your version doesn't send the legato parameter to superdirt, so your notes are overlapping where they shouldn't.

In my setup, if I combine:

  1. tidal master branch (typing "git branch" in terminal)
  2. superdirt master branch (typing "git branch" in terminal)

Then if I call in tidal:

d1 $ sound "gabor*8" |=| note "3 4 14"

I get all short, non-overlapping notes. The same with the 0.9-dev versions.

I am rally unsure where this issue comes from.

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