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Problems installing Supercollider 3.7 on Ubuntu

asked 2016-11-25 09:51:19 -0500

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updated 2016-12-15 16:26:47 -0500

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Trying to get Tidal working on Ubuntu 16.04

The default version of SuperCollider is 1:3.6.6~repack-2-2

Unfortunately when I try the following


I get the following

ERROR: Quark not found in repository.

Reading around the interwebs, it seems the general advice is to upgrade to Supercollider 3.7

So I'm now following the instructions here

But on

sudo apt-get update

I get the following

W: The repository ' xenial Release' does not have a Release file. N: Data from such a repository can't be authenticated and is therefore potentially dangerous to use. N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details. E: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.


Can anyone help me either a) get Tidal working with Supercollider 3.6 or b) help me install Supercollider 3.7 ?



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answered 2016-11-30 19:05:23 -0500

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Short answer, try this:

$ cd ~/.local/share/SuperCollider
$ svn checkout quarks

Long answer,
I decided to compile SuperCollider 3.8.0 from source.
Following this video works fine on Ubuntu 16.04.

Previous to install, I recomended:

$ sudo apt-get install jackd build-essential libqt4-dev libqtwebkit-dev libjack-dev libsndfile1-dev libasound2-dev libavahi-client-dev libicu-dev libreadline6-dev libfftw3-dev libxt-dev libcwiid-dev pkg-config cmake subversion git
$ sudo apt install libsndfile1-dev
$ sudo apt install libjack-jackd2-dev libsndfile1-dev libasound2-dev libavahi-client-dev libicu-dev libreadline6-dev libfftw3-dev libxt-dev libudev-dev libcwiid-dev pkg-config git cmake qt5-default qt5-qmake qttools5-dev qttools5-dev-tools qtdeclarative5-dev libqt5webkit5-dev qtpositioning5-dev libqt5sensors5-dev libqt5opengl5-dev

Then, I had the same Quarks problem. Sincerely, I couldn't remember how to solved this but these are my history command list:

$ sudo apt install supercollider-quarks
$ sudo apt install quarks
$ cabal install quarks
$ cd ~/.local/share/SuperCollider/quarks

if exist:

$ svn switch --relocate


$ cd ~/.local/share/SuperCollider
$ svn checkout quarks

Then try rebooting the system...

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answered 2017-01-30 14:26:28 -0500

julbel gravatar image

I have the same problem ...

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Hi Julbel,

I've spent the two last afternoons installing and configuring Tidal. The solution for me was compiling SuperCollider myself, as the first answer points out. I followed the video and have it working now.

Sanju gravatar imageSanju ( 2017-02-09 01:22:38 -0500 )edit

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