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'making out feet' notation

asked 2017-07-05 12:56:35 -0500

julio gravatar image


I am trying out the 'making out feet' notation I have all installs up to date as of today, Tidal Pattern Library 0.7.1, the SuperDirt running in SC 3.8 on MacOS

this: d1 $ sound "bd bd . sd sd sd . bd sd"

sounds different to this: d1 $ sound "[bd bd] [sd sd sd] [bd sd]"

because in my system the full stop is interpreted as a sound it doesn't find so leaves the equivalent gap there...

what should I check for?


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answered 2017-07-05 14:44:28 -0500

yaxu gravatar image

Hey Julio,

They should indeed sound the same.. Tidal 0.7.1 is quite old, 0.9.4 is the current one, it's probably that. Try cabal update; cabal install tidal again

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Alex, it had been telling me it was up to date so I didn't realise there was a new version. It works now, thank you! Just revisiting all your documentation gradually! best! Julio

julio gravatar imagejulio ( 2017-07-05 16:51:47 -0500 )edit

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