How do you quickly launch Tidal & SuperDirt in Emacs?

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I have set up Tidal and SuperCollider in Emacs using the instructions in Getting Started>Alternative Editors

As I am relatively new to Emacs, I'm having a hard time creating a simple process to:

  1. Launch Emacs
  2. Start SuperCollider, boot sc-server, and start SuperDirt
  3. Open a Tidal file and launch Tidal
  4. Configure my Emacs buffers

Here is my current progress for each of the above:

1. Launch Emacs

I'm on OS X so I just use Spotlight Search to launch Emacs which is fine for me.

2. Start SuperCollider, boot sc-server, and start SuperDirt

I used this article to setup SuperCollider with Emacs. To start SuperCollider in Emacs I do:

M-x sclang-start

This closes any open buffers and pops open two buffers; the SuperCollider console and an empty SC 'Workspace'.

I have a file called SuperDirt.scd which contains the SuperDirt setup options. I presume I then want to open this file with C-x c-f, boot sc-server and launch SuperDirt.

Issue A: SuperDirt.scd opens in read only mode for some reason, so I can execute it but not edit it if I need to change something like the audio device index.

If I open SuperDirt.scd before doing M-x sclang-start then it does not enter read only mode. I don't understand enough about Emacs to know why this is happening so this is my workaround for now.

Issue B: after installing the Emacs editor plugin, if I open the Emacs editor plugin clashes with a SuperCollider core file because they both use a class called Document, and so the SuperCollider library does not compile. So if I want to use, I have to remove the sc Emacs editor plugin from /SuperCollider/Extensions.

3. Open a Tidal file and launch Tidal

As per the instructions on, I then open a Tidal file and use C-c c-s to boot Tidal. This closes any SuperCollider buffers, and opens the Tidal file and console.

Now I can start making music, but really I want to...

4. Configure my Emacs buffers

I would like to configure my Emacs buffers so that I can live code patterns in Tidal, synths in SuperCollider and monitor both consoles. And later maybe have a samples tree on the left for my Tidal samples. It should look something like this:

image description

After looking into Emacs Desktops, I thought I might be able to save this configuration as an .emacs.desktop in a directory containing Superdirt.scd and my Tidal sessions, however...

Issue C: if I do M-x desktop-change-dir to a different directory, SuperCollider shuts down.

I have tried doing 3 before 1, or 2, but launching SuperCollider and Tidal opens and closes buffers anyway so the desktop configuration is lost.

I don't really know what I'm doing, so I would be grateful for any suggestions about:

  • Resolving or circumnavigating issues A, B, or C specifically
  • Automating the whole process so I can quickly make music using Tidal and SuperDirt in Emacs ...
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looking for the same, maybe one can eventually wrap emacs startup in an alias and load a elisp file that starts up both tidal&sclang aswell as calling a custom window arrangement function. this should cut down the time you spend on running `M-x sclang-start` and repeating the same for tidal.

lennart gravatar imagelennart ( 2016-07-21 06:00:40 -0500 )edit