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2016-12-29 09:39:44 -0600 answered a question What are some ways to visualise the current patterns being played?

Via @lennart: if you have run d1 $ sound "bd sn", you can always omit the d1 and run it to have tidal print the evaluated pattern (first cycle though, if you want another cycle, you have to use arc (x,y) on the pattern where x and y are begin and end cycles.

if you are interested in what it is doing right now you would have to use getNow to get the current beat and then use that information and pass it into arc .... $ sound "bd sn" (not yet sure what to put in the ...)

since getNow is an IO Action this has to be run within a do block, something like:

do now <- getNow; arc (now, now + 1) $ sound "bd sn"

should always print one cycle of events from the pattern starting at the current beat (you can round up now to the upcoming cycle with nextSam)

I may mix up the order of args in arc, check :t arc it may be the other way around

2016-12-29 06:53:47 -0600 asked a question What are some ways to visualise the current patterns being played?

Hi people, what are some helpful and clear ways to visualise (or just otherwise debug) the current state of the partterns being executed by tidal? I mean, to print to console or otherwise see what the current pattern(s) is/are that tidal is chunking through? Thanks!

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2016-09-11 16:41:14 -0600 asked a question How do I play a sound immediately (reset to cycle0)?

Sometimes you want to play a sound IMMEDIATELY starting from the first cycle, which in effect is resetting the current cycle to 0 and starting it immediately. We've discussed this before so what's the best way?